Looking for a twist for a Lenten Devotional?  Try Lent Madness! Playing off the bracket scheme of the college basketball playoffs, the Lent Madness bracket explores the men and women comprising the church's calendar of saints. Just as in any tournament, pairings of contenders are presented and an online voting is opened for a period of time each weekday to cast your vote for your favorite saint, thus eliminating the other. Once the final round is reached, the saints are reduced to only two. The winner of that round is given the Golden Halo for the year. Florence Nightingale won for 2017!  For all the fun, celebrity bloggers, online shopping for Lent Madness items, and voting instructions, click here.  A giant bracket will be on view in the parish hall so we all can follow along as the tournament progress. You may meet some new saints along the way! Enjoy!

While the World Watched: A Conversation on Racial Reconciliation

You are invited to hear Dr. Carolyn McKinstry and Dr. Jocelyn Wilson speak on the topic of racial reconciliation on Sunday, February 18th, from 3 to 4 PM at the Georgia Highlands College Ballroom.  More information here.