Funeral Services for Helen Maher will be held at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension on Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 2:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to: The Church of the Ascension (Memo: Memorial Fund or Age to Age) Or The World Wildlife Fund 1250 24th Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20037 Obituary for Helen Maher

Red Door Food Pantry - Volunteer Opportunities

Ascension’s ministry to low income people in Bartow County has expanded. We serve a woman on the waiting list for a donor heart; a mom with a young daughter whose older husband is disabled, unable to work and requires care; a homeless man who rides his bike to the food pantry to help unload our truck. We serve the working poor, the unemployed, the elderly with limited resources, single moms, families with children some of whom are disabled. But, we need your help in order to help others.

Intake Window - Check In

This volunteer gets to know the patrons well - their names and circumstances.

Job Description: Greet patrons, check that paperwork is correctly completed, tally data (it’s easy; cheat sheet available; basic addition/multiplication)

Volunteer Qualities: Organized, likes dealing with people, flexibility, sense of humor

Commitment: One time a month

One hour 5:30-6:30 - Most of our patrons come in the first hour.

Job Description: We can use someone to help pack bags and at times carry bags to the car for the elderly, infirm, or patrons picking up for other people. (On May 15th we had 87 patrons — about 65 came the first hour. Three adults and two children made this happen.)

Volunteer Qualities: Ability to carry 20 pounds, walk well

Commitment: As much or as little as you want - but will need to let Karen know in advance if you are coming.

Mobile Food Pantry: This is our new ministry which focuses on the Glade Rd area near the Allatoona Resource Center.

Check In:

Job Description: You’ll do everything that the Check In volunteer does at Ascension, but in the back of our truck, and in the Glade Rd area.  Greet patrons, check that paperwork is correctly completed, tally data (it’s easy; cheat sheet available; basic addition/multiplication)

Volunteer Qualities: Organized, like dealing with people, flexibility

Commitment: First and/or third Saturday of the month. You can do one or the other or both


Job Description: Work with the Check In volunteer, distribute food

Volunteer Qualities: Ability to carry 20 pounds, walk well, get in and out of truck, flexibility, sense of humor

***Help Wanted***

Have you been looking for an opportunity to serve Christ as a family or couple in our community? The Outreach Ministry in partnership with the BLESS Coalition is looking for drivers and “co-pilots” for the Red Door Mobile Food Pantry. Drivers must receive a medical clearance. We are currently budgeted to reimburse for the clearances of five volunteers. The “co-pilots” will be responsible for helping with paperwork, distribution, and loading/unloading. The hours may change, but we will be running on the first and third Sundays of the month from 9-3. Our hope is to have a large enough crew that no single volunteer is over-utilized. While we have help from outside the parish, we would love for Ascension to be well-represented in this amazing mission to feed more, serve more, and love more in Bartow County. If interested, please contact Lacy McClung at

Like to Sing?  Join the St. Cecilia Choir!

Ages 7 - 17, Unchanged voices

The St. Cecilia Choir rehearsals are fun and musically challenging.  We rehearse each Wednesday from 5:00-5:45 PM beginning the year in August with a break for summer.   A regular commitment to attend rehearsals is expected.  In addition to preparing anthems, we learn the music of the church through the singing of hymns and liturgy.  There is an intentional focus on serving the church, and ministering to our church family and community through our music.  The director for this group is Angee McKee.