What do we need to do to see?

Sermon Summary for Sunday, October 30th | Respectfully Submitted by Meghann Humphreys

“We begin to see our differences as beautiful. Our differences are the stuff of our growth.”

Or, alternatively,

“Wooo, you alright, Doug.”

Like Zacchaeus, we are trying to see Jesus, but sometimes we need a little bit of help. Zacchaeus climbed a tree. What do we need to do to see? What do we need to do to fill the God-shaped hole in our hearts?

We need to see. We need to see with eyes of love, forgiveness, and mercy.

Mother Mary shared Joan Chittister’s Five Ways of Seeing to help elaborate:

1: We see only what is in front of us. There’s no real analysis. Things are part of our consciousness, but not our hearts. What people need around us doesn’t compel us to action.

2: We see only the obvious, not what drives or is under the obvious.

3: We begin to see the broader world, but only from our perspective. If everyone was like us, the world would be better. When everyone is not like us, we go through life trying to figure out why.

4: We begin to see that things are changing all the time. The question becomes whether we realize that we, too, are in the process of constant change. Life itself doesn’t stand still.

5: We learn to truly see beyond the center of ourselves and begin to find out that we are really all alike. Maybe it’s sort of like the Black Jeopardy skit on “SNL” with Tom Hanks a couple weeks ago. The host and other contestants realized that the “odd guy out” was really not that different from them and they were able to find some common ground.

What do we need to see? A tree? Is it simple enough to open your heart and let Jesus in so that you can begin to see?