Wednesday's Word

Sermon Summary for Sunday, May 22 | Kelley Dial

Trinity Sunday allows us to reflect on God's call that we love one another and the unity we have in Christ.  We represent the body of Christ in the world, with a call to do holy work.

The truth that comes to us through The Trinity does not change, but that truth is not revealed in one fell swoop.  Jesus told the disciples he had more to tell them, but they could not yet grasp the fullness of that truth in their current condition. The Holy Spirit helps us move toward the truth as we encounter an ever-changing and more complex world.

Two stories from Fred Craddock are instructive about the transformative power of the Holy Spirit.  One involves a gentleman who, after being generally unpleasant and controlling, realized his assessment of a situation had been wrong (the calling of a female priest).  From that revelation, he was lead by the Holy Spirit to rethink his whole view of the world.  

The second story involves Fred's father encouraging him to contemplate the universe while lying in the grass and studying the stars.  He told Fred to think as "far as he could" and then to "drive a stake" into that point.  Then Fred's father asked him to look beyond the stake and move that stake farther and farther out into the cosmos. The Holy Spirit allows us, if we will, to move our stake farther and farther out and to grasp more of the fullness of God's truth.  

Through the Holy Spirit we "move our stakes", we reach beyond our grasp and we become closer to the face of God.

Respectfully Submitted by Kelley Dial