Tuesday's Telling of Sunday's Homily

Sermon Summary – June 5, 2016 

            “Jesus I don’t mind. It’s Paul I cannot stand.” – Fr. Joe Herring, quoting a rabbi friend of his from Milford, New Jersey.

            Paul is not my favorite person either, but, as Father Joe pointed out on Sunday, he played a large part in the establishment of Christianity. While the early missionaries mandated that converts follow Jewish law, Paul saw that same law as superfluous and obsolete. The thing is, Jesus was seen as a prophet and a great teacher by the Jews at that time and there was a very real threat of Christianity being reabsorbed into Judaism if there wasn’t a better way to differentiate it from Judaism.

            Christians are different and our “difference” as Christians affects our relationships with others – Muslims, Jews, Hindus, et al. The world is much smaller now and we try to smooth out our sharp edges by speaking of “one-ness” with everyone, but whether we like it or not, we have some sharp edges and we are not “all one” always. God has moved among us. Christ is the way, the truth, and the path. Grace came through Christ. 

Respectfully Submitted by Meghann K. Humphreys