Wednesday's Word

“Reaching out, reaching out for the wayward and lost”

Sermon Summary for September 11, 2016 | Respectfully Submitted by Floyd Braid

This week's gospel message focused on our desire, as Christians, to save, lift up and deliver the lost and forgotten people among and around us. To also know and recognize the many places that we can find ourselves lost. Lost from the connection to our family, friends, community and the world around us. There are so many ways in which we can find ourselves lost in this journey. However, part of the gospel and God's promise is that regardless of how we are lost, that there is still hope for each and everyone of us. That God works through us, ordinary people, in small and sometimes imperceptible ways to find and help the lost. To know that there is always a seat at the table for all of us, regardless of who we think we are and how worthy we feel. It is the charge that has been given to all of us by God, to reach out and lift up those who are lost. Not to look closely and then make a determination on our action, but to reach out blindly with love, forgiveness and acceptance. It is through these actions that we are given the gift of “Profound Joy,” God's ultimate gift.