The Value of Value

Sermon Summary for Sunday, March 19th, 2017 | Respectfully Submitted by Kelley Dial


Last Sunday we heard the familiar story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman as they meet at Jacob's well.  Jesus, showing human vulnerability, asks for a drink of water.  This confuses the woman since Jews do not normally associate with Samaritans. A somewhat playful conversation follows as Jesus speaks metaphorically and spiritually, but the woman takes his reference to "living water" literally.  As Jesus shows a knowledge of the woman's past she realizes the conversation is not about earthly matters and begins to see Jesus as a prophet.  As the conversation deepens the woman learns that she can have eternal life immediately if she believes, the details of her past and her manner of worship do not preclude it.  She becomes a believer and an evangelist in one fell swoop.  

Much can be drawn from this reading. There is power in vulnerability.  Both Jesus and the woman allowed their vulnerabilities - physical and spiritual - to show and, because of that, were able to have a substantive and meaningful conversation about profound things.  Acceptance breeds receptiveness.  Jesus' acceptance of the woman without judgment allows her to be open to his message.  The nature of the entire interaction makes the woman want the things afforded her by Jesus.  Acceptance coupled with affirmation equals empowerment and that breeds the "other" E word - Evangelism.  

Jesus challenges us to accept eternal life now, to listen honestly and act bravely, to worship in spirit and truth.

Thanks be to God.