Youth Sunday

Sermon Summary for Sunday, May 7th, 2017 | Respectfully Submitted by Jon Thomas


This past Sunday was Youth Sunday.  It was a celebration of all the Youth, and a chance to recognize the two bright young women who are graduating and leaving for college: Mattie Rountree & Hannah Miller.  These two are part of the very heart and soul of Ascension, this pasture we graze.

Mattie’s sermon was an expression of gratitude for her years at Ascension and how it would always be a home to her.  Hannah’s sermon was in the form of liturgical dance, which she performed reverently and beautifully.

Both of these unique & inspirational young women will embark on new paths, as their journeys continue to unfold.  As they shared and expressed their love for their church and their faith, we could witness their firm foundation and love of Christ, knowing they will go forth and share their gifts with the world.