Communicating Faith: Part Three

How to Communicate Our Faith to Our Children

Part Three: Living Our Responsibility to Our Children

Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me.”  And we are told to enter the kingdom as a little child.  Our children are our future.  We must all protect and nurture them.  In the previous two parts, many ideas and suggestions were given for parents to support their children’s growth in faith.  Now it is time to ask the congregation about its responsibility to our children.  How can we, at Ascension, support their growth in faith?

First, we need to recognize that they are children, not adults.  We offer a “Family” service for those who want a shorter, more simplified service that is conducive to young children.  We now provide Biblical color sheets and books for young children during the services.  We have Sunday School classes and Vacation Bible School to provide our children with learning and a sense of community.  Maybe we could provide child seating in the Parish Hall to encourage our children to feel more a part of the Church family.

Second, we need to love our children.  We need to recognize each child’s uniqueness.  When we look at them we should see God’s eyes reflecting back.  They will be the leaders of Ascension in a generation... if they stay… if they decide to learn the faith language and keep it as their own.

Third, we need to encourage our children to grow to their full potential, to express their creativity, to relish in the joy of God.  We need to see God through their eyes.

I hope this article has been helpful in some small way.  Thank you for your children.  They are a true gift to this Parish. 

Kathi White