The Center of Life

Sermon Summary for Sunday, August 27th, 2017 | Respectfully Submitted by Meghann K. Humphreys


People who can’t be satisfied until they get their own way are troubled people.

            The gospel this week from Matthew contains a parable about a vineyard owner with evil tenants who kill off three different people who go to check up on them – even the vineyard owner’s son for his inheritance! The people listening to the parable find this all quite fascinating, but don’t seem to get that this story is about them. We all start out with God’s trust. All we have to do is cultivate it. When we put human values at the center, the center doesn’t hold and things fall apart. The kingdom will go to the nation that yields proper fruit.

            But…there are those of us who may never yield that proper fruit because we must always get our own way. We forget to think about who is in charge, whose creation this is, and who gives and takes away authority. It’s like the lady with the tacky Christmas sweater that Father Richard Pocalyko dealt with when he was at St. Dunstan’s in Atlanta. She couldn’t stand it when teenaged boys skimmed rocks on her lake. When it was pointed out that she didn’t actually own it, she had it drained and skimmed to remove the rocks. Of course, the lake naturally refilled and was soon populated by ducks. (I’m pretty sure the duck population dwindled because of her sweater decorating needs.)

            In short, we need to be the nation that yields proper fruit and set aside our desire to only have it our way. God needs to be the center of life, otherwise, things fall apart.