Stewardship Moment #2

Dear Parishioners,

Here are the Stewardship Moments provided by your fellow Parish members leading up to Consecration Sunday.  Please take some time to read the wonderful stories that are submitted each week!

Three personal beliefs on Stewardship as an interior journey, a spiritual discipline and an outward symbol of my love for God and God's people.

One: Everything I have is from God and all that God has given me is pure gift.  Abilities, intellect, and money all come from God. This idea places me in a position of asking, "How am I being called to give back a portion of what I have been given?"  With this question, money then becomes a sacrament and ownership a responsibility.  

Two: No one has everything to give and no one has nothing to give. We need each other.  Sometimes we have more energy or time or even money than other times. In a heathy community, this changes constantly and we are called to pick up the slack for each other.  Simply stated, I can't do it all, but neither can I sit in a pew week after week doing nothing and expect to feel a part of this community.  If I do it all, I get resentful and burn out. If I do nothing, I drop out.

Three: This is at the heart of my stewardship understanding. While I am in possession of what I have, I have some control over how I handle my possessions. In my life, I have either operated from a position of scarcity or generosity.  Either position spills easily into how I move through the world.  God doesn't need my money and this parish will continue if I withdraw my money tomorrow; however, I need to give because how I give does determine the type person I become.   

Respectfully Submitted by, 

Connie Evans