Stewardship Moment #3

Dear Parishioners,

Here are the Stewardship Moments provided by your fellow Parish members leading up to Consecration Sunday.  Please take some time to read the wonderful stories that are submitted each week!

My Dear Ascension Family,

            I regard stewardship not only as contributing money, but also the gifts of my time and hopefully talent. 

            I feel that giving of time is as important as monetary donations.  Of course, I give money I pledged to give ā€“ I also give of my free time.  My grandmother taught me that giving is a great responsibility and should be done with a spirit of gratitude that all we have, all we possess, all are gifts from God.  Through our gratefulness, we should give as freely as possible.

            I give of my time in many various ways, always with a grateful heart that Iā€™m actually able to do so. 

            When I came to Ascension about six years ago, I knew immediately that this would be my spiritual home and outlet and that I wanted to stay here as long as possible.  I was lost in the world at the time and this church family has been an enormous help in me finding my way again.  So stewardship to me is a gift and my sense toward giving is a joy to behold.  

Respectfully Submitted by,

Dan Bennett