Stewardship Moment #4

Dear Parishioners,

Here are the Stewardship Moments provided by your fellow Parish members leading up to Consecration Sunday.  Please take some time to read the wonderful stories that are submitted each week!

          My money follows my heart, which follows the love. Part of my heart is here, at Ascension. The rest of it is scattered among family, friends, memories, lifetime pursuits, etc. You get the picture, but… heart is consistently (and persistently) bigger than my money.

          Perhaps I can’t “pick up the tab”, but I can “pick up the yoke.” The yoke is not a symbol of drudgery, but a symbol of a field well tilled and a plentiful harvest.

            Ascension is a community where I find connection and caring with others. A community I want to support with my money, talents, and time. There are so many things to do which keep Ascension thriving. All things we can participate in: the worship service itself as a reader of the Lessons and the Prayers of the People, offering wine as the Cup of Salvation, assisting as Acolyte, taking Communion out to those who are ill or infirm.

            I do my best to increase my pledge each year and then my best to keep it. All that I can give goes to service to God, whether it helps pay the power bill, the phone bill, or buy the flowers on the altar. Every offering of money, no matter the amount, helps keep our community alive.

            C'mon y'all! There are so many other ways to bring our talents to the table, just ask to participate in the thing that captures your imagination: grounds (Holy Mowers), food (Coffee Hour/Receptions), flora (Flower Guild), children (Sunday School), host/hostess (Ushers), feeding others (Food Pantry). It was a year or so before I figured out that it was ok to ask to participate. I have just flattened your learning curve! All you have to do is ask!

Respectfully Submitted by,

Leata Selby