Jonah, Combs, and Mercy

Sermon Summary for Sunday, January 21st, 2018 | Respectfully Submitted by Meghann K. Humphreys


A Moroccan market. A comb maker. An apprentice with his eyes fixated on the maestro comb maker. A left over piece is given to the boy and he chisels away, uncertain in his movements. The maestro adjusts the boy’s grip and gives an approving nod to continue. The boy is there to learn the craft. The maestro teaches the craft. Skill sets are passed down through generations.  

            It is our calling to show and practice God’s mercy to others. Jonah reluctantly did this and was shocked when the people of Ninevah believed him. They repented.

            Thousands of years later, we continue to struggle with the concept of a God who is merciful. Even our enemies from [insert your most hated place or group of people here] can repent and be recipients of God’s mercy.

            We want to be angry, vengeful, and vindictive. As we approach Lent, Mother Mary asks us to think about what it means to repent. There aren’t enough maestros and gurus who show and practice God’s mercy. As disciples of our time, will we mentor others patiently and kindly and in affirming ways? Bring God’s mercy, sharing our stories in affirming ways?

            It’s not easy. But the world and God need us to do it.