Come and See... Come and Give Back

Sermon Reflection Respectfully Submitted by Kelley A. Dial | Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sunday proved to be a day filled with powerful visual images.  For visual learners, such times often provide "aha" moments.   The reading from Mark's Gospel pertains to Jesus' opinion of wealth.  He says "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God ".  The visual image of such an impossible task paints a dim future for the affluent.  However, reading further shows the all is not lost for those who are successful in this life.  Jesus says that with God all things are possible, even a large humped animal making its way through a hole in a sewing instrument. When God is included in the equation and our material goods are used for the good or our Maker, the eye of that needle opens up and the camel saunters through easily.

Sunday's sermon contained an equally powerful image to bring stewardship into focus.  We all traded wallets, jewelry, or some other possession with a neighbor in the congregation then were asked to see how easy it would be to give someone else's belonging to God in the offering plate.  Perceiving ourselves as the middlemen between another's money and God makes the cheerful giving stress free.  But......wait........our possessions do not really belong to us.  They belong to God and have been gifted to us to make use of this side of heaven.  We are not giving away, we are giving back.  The object lesson of the sermon helps loosen the ties that bind us to our "stuff" and, hopefully, cause us to be more intentional about what we give back to God and how we use the resources that remain in our care.  

May these lessons help inform your thoughtful consideration of how to best use your time, treasure, and talents.

Thanks be to God.  — Respectfully Submitted by Kelley A. Dial