Sermon Summary for Sunday, April 29th, 2018 | Respectfully Submitted by Kelley Dial


Abide in I abide in you.  The Gospel reading from John that compares Jesus to a vine and God to the vinegrower is familiar.  Some use the words of this passage as a threat: abide in me or you will be pruned away from the vine (the family of God).  Perhaps it is time to look at this familiar gospel reading with new eyes.  

Abide comes from the Greek word meno.  An additional definition of meno is to remain or stay.  Jesus asks us to stay with Him as He stays with us.  He has already cleansed us in baptism just as the vinegrower prunes away useless parts of the vine. The vinegrower does this so the vine will bear more fruit.  Jesus does this so we may focus more clearly on being his body on this earth; so we may focus more on Godly things.  

Jesus stays with us always.  He simply asks us to linger in his presence and accept the love and guidance that is always there for the asking.  

Thanks be to God.