The Holy Spirit Zone

Sermon Summary for Sunday, May 20th, 2018 | Respectfully Submitted by Mal Underwood


In Sunday’s gospel Jesus tells us, “When the Advocate comes, the Spirit of truth who comes from the Father will testify on my behalf. When the Spirit of truth comes he will guide you into all truth, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.” Mo. Mary reminded us the Holy Spirit moved in creation to help bring order to chaos and is still moving in the world today.

How do we know the path God wants us to follow? We make time to be still, pray, and listen for the small voice of God through the Holy Spirit to guide us. Mo. Mary described three hypothetical zones in which we might find ourselves at any particular moment in time. The lowest zone is rather sedentary where we may find ourselves on the sofa watching television or streaming music, snacking and taking it easy. This is a safe and comfortable place, but not much is happening. The highest zone is a state of disorganized hyperactivity where it is difficult to create order and maintain progress due to its swirling chaos. It is a scary place to be and one where we do not want to remain.

The middle zone is where the Holy Spirit works. It is one of challenge and uncertainty where we are nudged by God to move in a direction we may find surprising and foreign to our ideas, philosophy, and plans. We are challenged to move out of our comfort zone of the familiar and move down a path God wants us to follow. This Holy Spirit zone is one where we take a leap of faith to engage in the work of the kingdom we may not have ever otherwise attempted. But if we say yes, God will provide the setting, resources, and inspiration and move forward with us to assure our success. Jesus promises in the Gospel that the Spirit will guide you in all truth and declare the things that are to come.

Does this mean every attempt will work?  No, every attempt never works to perfection. We stumble and fall and get back up to move forward again. We must discern whether an attempt is of God. When it is, we find the process of maturity in our kingdom work to be one of trial and error where we learn from our mistakes and become more and more equipped for the future. God grooms us to succeed according to His plan. We are not left alone when we move into unfamiliar work of the kingdom. As we mature and grow in ministry, we become more capable, confident and comfortable. Opportunities grow along with us, and we find ourselves at peace knowing we are living in God’s will for us.

Each of us is uniquely created and qualified to successfully accomplish the plan God has for us. Through God’s grace we are blessed with the Holy Spirit to equip and guide us where He wants us to go.