The Cost of Healing

Sermon Summary for Sunday, July 1st, 2018 | Respectfully Submitted by Kelley Dial


The Gospel reading from Mark (Mark 5:21-43) introduces us to three characters -  all vulnerable, all in need of intervention, and all open to Jesus' power to heal.  The trio fears mortality, either their own or that of a loved one.  They do not hide their vulnerability, they lean into it and become open to healing.

Personal healing starts with acknowledging your vulnerabilities, giving voice to them.  Revealing our vulnerabilities in public requires bravery, far more bravery than pretending we have no uncertainties.

When we name our vulnerabilities and ask God for healing, we will receive it. Not, perhaps, in our time, but in God's time.  Jesus shows that repeatedly in the Gospels; he heals again, and again, and again, and again.  He forces us to repeatedly hear a message centered around love and making each person whole.    Often we are slow learners.

We are called to not just ask for our own personal healing, but to participate in the healing of the world.  Caring for people in places, cultures, and situations foreign to us is a daunting task but one we are compelled to do - "love your neighbor as yourself"

We often confuse healing with a cure.  A cure may take away a physical or mental condition but it leaves our soul in the same state.  Doctors work on cures.  Jesus works on healing, on making our souls whole.  Cures come and go.  Healing through Christ is always available.  

However, healing does come with a cost.  Jesus felt the power leave him as the unnamed woman was healed by touching his garment.   When we participate in healing it takes a toll on us, it requires energy and intention.  We gather together as a community for renewal and strength before we go back into the world and bear witness to and participate in God's call to love and heal.

May we all have the courage to lean into our vulnerabilities and ask God for the will and means to heal both ourselves and a wounded world, knowing that, ultimately we will be made whole.

Thanks be to God.