Trust......transporting us from the concrete to the eternal.

Sermon Summary for Sunday, August 12th, 2018 | Respectfully Submitted by Kelley Dial


The Gospel readings for the past few weeks have been focused on nourishment. Jesus fed the multitude, literally.  From five loaves and two fish came more than enough to satisfy five thousand.  The crowd was astounded by Jesus' actions that they could see and taste.  It was similar to Moses providing the Jews with manna from heaven.  The crowd could wrap their mind around God sending something down to them through a prophetic messenger.  

The masses, however, had a more difficult time processing Jesus' message when he talked about food on a spiritual level. Jesus explained that he was not serving them bread from heaven; he was the bread from heaven.  The people had difficulty processing this revelation about someone who grew up among them. It required an extra step beyond just witnessing miraculous events. It required trust; trust in something they could not see.

Jesus explained further the unbreakable bond he has to God.  God draws people to Jesus much as a fisherman draws in a fish-filled net.  We are free to resist and turn away but, if we trust and allow ourselves to be drawn in, we will find forgiveness, peace, and eternal life.  God's job is not an easy one, by trusting in Jesus and allowing him to draw us to the Father, we make that job a little easier and we receive eternal nourishment. 

Thanks be to God.