Patience and Persistence

Sermon Reflection for Sunday, March 17, 2019 | Respectfully submitted by Kelley Dial

The Gospel for the Second Sunday of Lent finds Jesus talking to Pharisees who warn him that Herod wants to kill him.  They urge Jesus to flee. 

Jesus, knowing the way this particular journey (and his life) was to end, essentially asks them to tell Herod he'll get to Jerusalem when he's finished with his work of healing the sick and afflicted.    Jesus is certain of several things:  he knows he will not be killed outside of Jerusalem, he knows he has things to do for the good of "the least of these" before he arrives, and he knows that once he arrives in the city, he will be first received joyfully but will subsequently be put to death. 

None of this is accidental; it is all part of God's plan.  Even with the knowledge of this, Jesus remains faithful despite rejection, persistent despite royal death threats, and loving despite profound disappointment.  We are called to follow his example.  Mother Mary told a story about a child who survived bullying and rejection by being patient and loving as she waited for assistance from her teachers and mother. We too are called to be patient … to persist, and to go forth in love. Even during times of deep sadness or disillusionment; we are called to go into the breach, to serve those less fortunate than us, and to spread the good news.  

Trust the God.  Peace, patience and love will follow.