Our Vestry

In the Episcopal Church, the Vestry is similar to a board of directors of a nonprofit organization.  Under the canons, the Vestry "shall cooperate with the Rector...in promoting the spiritual welfare" of God's people, and "shall support the programs of the Church through a commitment to service and biblically-based standard of proportional giving."  The Vestry does not "run" the parish, but serves in an oversight role, constantly considering the integrated bigger picture rather than the details - being cheerleaders who "continuously encourage the members of the congregation to support the programs of the Church and to give generously towards the support of those programs."  Candidates for Vestry also must be confirmed adult communicants in good standing (confirmed or received; sixteen years old or over; "faithful in corporate worship, unless for good cause prevented," and "faithful in working, praying, and giving for the spread of the Kingdom of God").

Nominees should be willing to carry out Vestry responsibilities, including taking a leadership role in the parish, being regularly involved in and familiar with parish activities and events, attending an overnight or all-day Vestry retreat, and attending monthly Vestry meetings.

If you are interested in serving on the Vestry, or want to nominate someone, please contact either a member of our Vestry Nominating Committee, or the Parish Office.  After screening to confirm eligibility, candidates will be invited to attend a one-hour discernment meeting to reflect on their calling to Vestry service before any commitment will be requested.  

our current wardens & vestry

Senior Warden/ Liaison to Stewardship:  Peggy Brown - shinall4691@gmail.com

Chairperson for Stewardship:  Annette Cook – annette.cook@comcast.net

Junior Warden / Liaison to Pastoral Care: Kerry Suggs – kerrydan14@gmail.com

Chairperson: Nancy Haight – nhallhaight@aol.com

Liaison to Evangelism: Matt McClung - mmcclung10@gmail.com

Chairperson: Kelley Dial – kelleydial@gmail.com

Liaison to Communications: Corinne Scott – acscott333@comcast.net

Chairperson: Staff

Liaison to Finance: Drew Tonsmeire – dkz45@bellsouth.net

Chair of Finance Committee: Gabe Agan – gabeagan@gmail.com

Liaison to Buildings and Grounds: Jamie Hamilton – jhamil2081@bellsouth.net

Chairpersons:  Floyd Braid – fbraid@gmail.com and Keith Martin – kmartin49ers@gmail.com

Liaison to Christian Formation: Rick McKee - rmckee54@comcast.net

Chairperson: Chris McAbee – mccrim81@gmail.com

Liaison to Fellowship: Todd Harper – tharper@kennesaw.edu

Chairperson: Kyle Harshey – kharshey@czarnowski.com

Liaison to Outreach: Tiffany Tindall – tiff.tindall@gmail.com

Co-Chairpersons: Emma Wilhoite - emmacpaige@gmail.com and Kathy Gnann – kkgnann@gmail.com

Liaison to Worship and Liturgy and Chairperson: The Very Rev. Mary K. Erickson – merickson@ascensioncartersville.org

Clerk of the Vestry: Nancy Haight – nhallhaight@aol.com

Treasurer: Mal Underwood – malvinunderwood@bellsouth.net

Vestry Minutes

To view the minutes for the vestry meetings, click below.

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